Updated 3/28/18

Confirmation Requirements of Big Bend Lutheran Church

Confirmation is a time to explore baptismal promises parents made at the time of your baptism. Over the next three years, we will do this together. During the confirmation program, emphasis is given to the Bible, Luther's Small Catechism, worship and faith development.


1.  Baptism...if your child has not been baptized, please speak with Pastor Doris.

2.  Attend worship on a regular basis.

3.  Write 20 sermon notes per year. Sermon note paper is available in church entry. Leave the completed paper in the classroom. Holder is on the bulletin board.

4.  Acolyte (instructions will be given during class and signup sheet will be available in the classroom).

5. Learn to operate the overhead projector.

6.  Participate in Sunday morning Confirmation class (if Sunday school is cancelled, Confirmation class is cancelled).

7.  Read and memorize assigned material (we will be studying Luther's Small Catechism). From: Free to Be, read pages 1-65. Material relates to The Ten Commandments. Students have received Luther's Small Catechism and Free to Be.

8.  Big Bend Lutheran provides a daily devotional book. Make it a habit to read the appointed daily devotion. This is an opportunity you begin family devotions.  The devotional book is available in church entry.

9.  Work at church functions (dinners) when needed. Someone will contact you regarding time.

Optional Activities:

1.  Attend 'Youth Gatherings' with Big Bend Chaperones.

2.  Attend Summer Church Camp. Church will help pay cost.

3.  Attend youth activities with Kviteseid Lutheran youth in Milan.

Our youth would like to plan an ‘overnight gathering’ at the church. We need to start planning. It would be helpful to have input from parents.
Because of my surgery and rehab and the cancellation of worship due to weather, we have missed a few classes. I would like confirmation students to meet at usual time throughout the month of May. Even though Sunday school maybe over, I would like to make up our confirmation work.
If you have questions or concerns, please call me.  We want confirmation to be a positive experience in your child’s faith journey. Thank you for allowing your son or daughter to be involved in our program.