Who We Are

Since 1880, Big Bend Lutheran Church (BBLC) has been serving Christ. Located in Milan, Minnesota, BBLC's mission is to deepen in relationship, cultivate faith and feed the hungry in body, mind and spirit.

  • New Member Information - Visitors and friends of the congregation are always welcome to worship and serve alongside us. If you are interested in making more of a commitment by becoming a member, please contact the church office to schedule an in-home visit. New member classes are required prior to joining, which are usually offered in October/November and May every year.

  • Baptism - All ages are welcome (and encouraged) to be baptized! Baptisms typically occur during our Sunday worship together. We believe that baptism is the beginning of our journey of faith when God chooses to make God's home with us forever. First-time parents or adults desiring baptism are strongly encouraged to meet with the pastor prior to the event.

  • Holy Communion - All baptized Christians are welcome (and encouraged) to receive Holy Communion, which is shared the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month during Worship as well as during in-home visits by the pastor throughout the year. We believe the gift of Holy Communion is just that - a gift of God's grace! God is mysteriously present in the bread and wine and promises to sustain, forgive and heal us from the inside out each and every time we share this meal together. First Communion classes will be offered throughout the year for all ages desiring to commune and/or learn more about the sacrament of communion.

  • Confirmation - Confirmation is offered for youth in grades 7-9 and is a time of growing in faith through fellowship, learning, critical thinking and increased participation in the ministry of the church.

  • Weddings & Funerals - If you are interested in using the sanctuary for weddings or funerals, please contact the church office or the pastor for more information regarding your event. The pastor requires engaged couples to complete 12 hours of pre-marriage counseling (here or with another approved educator) prior to the wedding.



  • Parish Secretary - Jen Berven

  • Bonnie Haugen, Piano

  • Judy Suckow-Olson, Organist

  • Melissa Schmitz, Custodian


  • Tim Welling, President

  • Mike Anderson, Vice President

  • Laurie Golden, Treasurer

  • Diane Welling, Secretary

  • Heather Scott, Financial Secretary


  • Gary Olson

  • Paul Golden

  • Pete Lyngen

Deacons & Deaconess'

  • Russ Olson

  • Kirk Sandven

  • Adrian Golden

Youth Education Board

  • Heather Piotter

  • Angela Hood

  • Jen Berven

Cemetery Board

  • David Moe

  • Ken Olson

  • Mike Hanen

  • Delane Olson


  • Waunita Kanten, President

  • Carol Olson, Treasurer